Gamerome partners with Women in Games to discuss diversity

The diversity problem and how to fix it will be in the spotlight at Gamerome. One of the hottest and most delicate issues, the need for more diversity in the video games industry is the classic “elephant in the room” that needs to be addressed. Gamerome won’t shy away from the matter and, along the technical and business talks, will also offer the occasion to discuss about the inclusion of women inside the game making companies. This is the reason why Gamerome chose among its partners Women in Games, the not for profit organisation which advocates the presence of women in video, mobile, online games & eSports. David W. Smith, Founder of Interactive Selection & Women in Games WIGJ, will also be among the speakers.

Two moments in particular will be dedicated to this important topic: on the first day of the conference, Friday, November 24, Gamerome will host inside the Happy Hour the first Women in Games Italian Meet Up, sponsored by WIGJ. The cocktail will be an occasion to discuss the matter among Italian and international women decision makers. All the women attending the conference are invited to take part in the meeting and voice their opinion. The cocktail will be an occasion itself to foster diversity, and will be also opened to Speakers, Business and VIP tickets holders and owner of the special indie packages.

On Saturday, 25 November, Gamerome will host the panel Diversity in the Games Industry, which will see the partecipation of David W. Smith (Founder, WIGJ), Micaela Romanini (Vice Director, VIGAMUS), Eleonora Lucheroni (PR & Marketing Manager, Storm in a Teacup), Debora Mensah-Bonsu (Head of Content Marketing, Space Ape Games). The panel will be moderated by Fjona Cakalli, frontwoman of the influential video game website Games Princess.

“Women in Games WIGJ is the largest professional network in Europe. It is fully committed to working with European partners and is delighted to support one of the first meet-ups for women in Italy”, stated Marie Claire Isaaman. “It is vitally important that women working in the games industry are fully supported through initiatives like this where they have the opportunity to connect and engage with each other”.

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