Broken Lines
Porta Play (Denmark)
Eight misfit soldiers stranded behind enemy lines in unknown territory. Surrounded by a ominous fog, hunted by masked troops. Broken Lines is a premium Story-driven WeGo turn-based tactics, told by eight soldiers. Can they survive the challenges on their path to freedom? More importantly, can they survive each other?
Wings of Glass
Eager Passion (United States)
The colorful, yet dark adventure of a girl with Glass Wings. Mayfly is kidnapped by a giant Skeleton Demon who rips out her wings, only by a stoke of luck does she manage to escape with her life. Now she is on an adventure in a far away land to recollect her wings and get back home in one piece. But she's no hero, just a non-combatant, she'll have to use stealth to avoid monsters and smarts to find solutions to obstacles and puzzles.
Retro Machina
Orbit Studio (Brazil)
Retro Machina is a single player action game with elements of puzzles and RPG, set in retro-futuristic universe. Its main inspiration is the classic Sci-Fi literature by such authors as Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke.
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Nodding Heads Studio (India)
Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure game set in ancient India. A young girl named Raji has been chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm.

N E Z - The Galileo Paradox
CyberLab Studios (Italy)
N E Z - The Galileo Paradox is an adventure - puzzle game where all the scientific and non-scientific logics of our world are questioned. Everything is represented by a "toon low poly" graphic style and an audio compartment that creates an atmosphere of mystery around what is happening.

Feathery Ears
Eager Passion (United States)
Gembugs appeared one day and pulled all of the stars out of the sky and scattered around the world. Using her Fire Sword, Misa Ikko is tasked with defeating defeating the gembugs, returning the stars back to the sky, and to help a young girl gain confidence. This 3D action platformer takes after the classics, and aims to be an easy and fun cute adventure!
Dry Drowning
Studio V (Italy)
Dry Drowning is a psychological investigative visual novel set in a futuristic dystopian city. Follow the story of Mordred Foley, unscrupulous private detective haunted by his dark past, and look into a series of macabre serial killings inspired by Greek mythology. The game puts you in front of branching storylines that will constantly challenge your sense of morality.
Homer’s Odyssey
Another Circus (Greece)
An interactive storytelling game inspired by point and click, card game and adventure game genres. It is a gamified adaptation of the classic ancient greek epic poem written by Homer. Our vision is to bring classic works of Cultural Heritage closer to the new generation through the use of interactivity.
R-Next (Colombia)
Aniquilation is a shoot-em-up game where your objective is to destroy all the structures and the enemies that are destroying the planets of your galaxy. Play in couch coop mode through story mode or compete with your friends in the various VS modes! Discover why the only solution is Aniquilation!
MoonWolf Entertainment (Italy)
Majestic is a competitive fast-paced strategy card game developed by Italian Indie Game Development Company MoonWolf Entertainment. Players can build decks that have a total of 20 creature cards and 10 equipment cards. Out of these, only 5 creature cards and 3 equipment cards will be randomly selected from the chosen deck at the beginning of the match
Meteor Hit
Majiho Games (UK)
Get your instant dose of retro arcade shooting fun with a simple gameplay yet challenging version of a timeless classic genre. This is a game where only skills matter. All you need is 1 finger to swipe as well as good timing and accuracy to progress through the game. You will be able to play with different spaceships each giving unique gameplay.
Vantan Game Academy – VIGAMUS Academy (Japan, Italy)
INFINITO Project is a joint collaboration between Vantan Game Academy and VIGAMUS Academy/Link Campus University directed by the Japanese superstar game designer Suda51, author of cult games such as Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead. INFINITO Project is made up by “kawaii” horror games Lullaby and train mystery game Cosmo Express.
Zeta Wave Infinity
Mazzutakgame (Italy)
Enjoy in this adrenalinic arcade game with the beatiful AI pilots named ZETA and OMEGA get power up, destroy all enemyes , discover dangerouse enemyIn this demo you can play only with Zeta and you can choice Normal Mode Only. In this demo game you can destroy three enemy type and only one enemy dangerous, but it’s no easy!
Still There
GhostShark Games (Italy)
Still There is a passionate project for many reasons: it’s experimental, it’s something that really contains many of the team different perspectives, it’s weird, sarcastic, dark, metaphysical, it has a complex analytical approach to puzzles and it brims with strong emotions, humor and thing that might break your heart.
Try ‘n Cry
Crystalia Games (Italy)
Sicily is an ancient land where the first expressions of society appeared, Through the ages the Greek and the Latin worlds shaped this region and left culture, arts and laws; but left also something darker and deeper, an evil which was not recognized or fought by the next great dominations of the island. Stranded in darkness, the player will have to face this ancient evil.
Reborn: Mark of Blood
ExodusGames (Italy)
Reborn – The Mark Of The Blood is a new Sci-Fi Jrpg. History begins in 2066 when our beloved land was destroyed by a swarm of red meteorites, no one knew where they came from and no one saw them coming … a mystery that is still unresolved. Only 66666 people, inside that city, survived the terrible tragedy and where they now live confined.
Marble Garden
Omnisir Studio (Italy)
On the top of a desolate and barren hill rises an elegant mansion, surrounded by a garden of cypresses and privets. The green of trees and hedges mingles with the white of hundreds of statues. Heroes and common folks, powerful and humble people, women and men, old and children: the marbles portray every possible humanity, crystallized in an everlasting moment. Behind the massive oak doors, the master of this place lies. Tirelessly he waits for the next piece of his collection: inside the Marble Garden, there's always room for another statue.
Tiny Money
Tiny Money is a plasticine stop motion point and click adventure game. The game takes place in a world in which the people's socio-economic gaps, directly influence their physical size. Pete, a simple clerk, tries to survive in a world between broke microscopic people who can be parasites, and gigantic tycoons who can trample him.
Foxic Adventure
GSanimation (Ukraine)
Foxic Adventure is a family-friendly story based third person action-adventure game. You will play as Patrick the Fox. His day starts as usual. He works as a cook at dumpling restaurant. And his boss sends him to get some more flour before opening. He is extremely devoted to his mission. And has to wander through fun and exciting places. Its impossible not to love him. With your help he will perform various actions: Explore, Run, Jump, Push, Swim etc. Which is fun on our Intelligent touch controler.
Project Starship X
Panda Indie Studio (Italy)
PSX is a vertical shooter where you can be virtually invincible, your pilots can have heart attacks, and you can literally crash your space ship into enemies and make them explode. Use the X Maneuver, a powerful dash, to kill enemies, dodge bullets, pickup random bonuses and much more! Colorful characters, full of personality, surreal situations, ridiculous cosmic horror! Get personal with your enemies! Don’t be afraid to get closer! It’s better to get physical and go there to tell ‘em a thing or two!
Houdini Redux
LifeLit Games (Italy)
Houdini Redux is an easy to learn typing party game in which two players fight each other to gather the title of "Grand Magus". Different real mages to choose and to master. Our game sports: 3 Different mages to know and master (Houdini, Cardini, Malini); Online Multiplayer; Local Multiplayer; 5 Different background maps; Different gamemodes; Tournament mode; Pixel art graphics.
Raigon (Italy)
Heister is the first game developed by the Raigon team. A carefully designed top-down, stealth game which uncovers its story trough levels - unraveling a much deeper plot than is initially perceived by the player. The main mechanic is ricochet which allows you to tactically take out numerous enemies at once. Our protagonist is Vincenzo - a chump working odd jobs, barely gathering enough money to feed his sick, dying brother.
VR Ping Pong Pro
Rackets at the ready! VR Ping Pong Pro is the follow up to the hit table tennis simulator of 2016, VR Ping Pong. Test your skills with a variety of challenging game modes, as you rise up the ranks to become the true Ping Pong Pro! Do you have what it takes? Pick up your virtual racket and find out! Featuring 8 new levels including an arcade, a stadium, and a Japanese garden; you can compete to become the champion against gorgeous and photorealistic backdrops! VR Ping Pong Pro also features racket/ball customization with a tonne of different options to choose from; you can become the pro in style!
Cell Scientist
R-Next (Colombia)
In the future, the only way to cure common illness is by destroying at microscopic level the microbes which causes them... using nano ships! Like in the famous movie Fantastic Voyage, in this game you will be able to destroy the illness, by playing through 50 based puzzle challenges. An interactive experience deeply rooted in science, yet exciting and addictive in a positive way. Discover the power of fun as a vehicle of culture, through an applied game that will make you wonder and discover a secret world so crucial for your entire life's well-being, yet completely invisible to the naked eye.
Paradise Away
Awakening Studio (Italy)
Paradise Away is a 3D Survival game, combining RTS mechanics with City Builder components. Imagine to be safe in your plane, when it suddenly crashes in a full of resources yet completely desert island, together with a group of absolute strangers. First, you will need to get their trust and then try to escape! In this single player survival game with builder mechanics, you will have to become the leader of the group of people stranded with you, build your settlement, help them stay alive and eventually escape! Will you be able to get the trust of the other survivors?
Pigeon of War
Cosmo Game Studio (Argentina)
Timely delivery message in the WW2 was crucial to win battles. Organize the system secret of racing pigeons and help these brave birds to deliver the important message war. Experience delivering a message on going through a great challenge, a war! Try several flight strategies, be careful with obstacles, but mainly with your natural enemy, the hawk! Never slow down until you reach the goal! Key features are: game based on captivating story; Fun and exciting levels; Character with different abilities; Lots of collectibles skills pop ups.; More of 20 character; 3 Game modes.
Bin the Trash
Majiho Games (UK)
This game was created with the intention to make people aware about the importance of ecology. The screen is filled with waste items that need to be recycled into the right trash cans. The game requires memory, speed and tap skills. Unlock achievements and compete with your friends and others players to top the online leaderboard. A challenging yet deep learning experience, this game will provide the player with engaging educational fun, through 9 progressive level with 36 different trash items. Power-ups and online leaderabord spice up a unique gameplay with realistic physics animation.
Faith+Honor: Barbarossa
Encurio (Germany)
A young nobleman decides to explore the world during the Crusades. But he quickly notices that betrayal and chivalry go hand in hand. Experience a top-down RPG in the medieval authentic environment of the 12th century under Emperor Barbarossa. Meet companions, solve problems with different solutions and choose the good or the bad way. Fight turn-based with a tactical combat system and an intelligent approach: Interact with the environment to gain advantages in combat.
Krypto Kids
42dp Labs GmbH (Germany)
Krypto Kids is a media education project that sensitizes children between the ages of eight and twelve on the subject of data protection and security and makes them capable of acting. Krypto Kids addresses children on their way to the Internet and the digital society with these security-related topics. In addition to the risks of pure media consumption, the mechanisms and effects of cryptography and data sensitivity are discussed. The goal is to encourage children to perceive themselves as critical, reflective and informed consumers and to constantly question their media consumption.
Zero Damage
Impakt (Germany)
Zero Damage is a action-cooperative game in which you fly to save people in a war-zone planet, without shooting a single bullet. In the game, you and your partner have to protect each other, fly people to safety and in the end, restore peace in the planet. The game and has as core game mechanics non violent resolution in violent environment.
Planting Trees!
SparklingBit (Germany)
“Planting Trees!” is a free-to-play hybrid game which emphasizes the importance of a highly discussed environmental problem – restoring the world’s forests – and presents it in a popular puzzle simulation style with “merging” objects mechanics. The main idea of the game is to build a word from an absolute wasteland into a green paradise while putting into effect “the best climate change solution available” by covering acres of land with trees in order to store up tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). “Planting Trees!” is seeking to collaborate with NGOs to plant trees in all countries the game will be played. The game will be released early 2020.
Cyber Hunters
INEX Research Center, Link Campus University
“Cyber Hunters” is an applied game dedicated to the cyber-security. It was created by INEX Research Center of Link Campus University, in collaboration with VIGAMUS Foundation, involving students from undergraduate and postgraduate courses with Gaming specialization. The product structure is an interactive graphic novel with multiple choices, which allows the player to discover the plot and learn at the same time, according to the principles of the stealth learning. It will be published at the end of 2019, as the second chapter of the series of applied games “The Hunters”, as a follow-up to “True Hunters”, a product dedicated to the digital identity violation risks.

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