White Owls, CEO

One of Japan’s representative indie developers. He continues to create unique, spirited work based on the slogan: “From Osaka to all of YOU around the world.” His newest game “The MISSING – J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories” was lauded as a “very important game” by many media sources and received high praise internationally, such as winning both the Original Adventure Game and the Original or Adapted Song categories of the NAVTR Award. The MISSING was also nominated for the “Games for Impact” category in The Game Awards 2018. His other representative works include “Deadly Premonition,” “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die,” and “Spy Fiction.” His next game, “The Good Life,” is scheduled for release in 2019. Swery is known for its quirky style and dark humour, while exploring at the same important themes and delicate issues.

Sumo Digital, CEO

Ian Livingstone CBE, Chairman Sumo Digital, Co-founder Games Workshop and BAFTA Award winner has been announced as the first speaker of Gamerome, Rome Developers Conference. Ian has been described as ‘one of the founding fathers of the UK games industry’. He was the mastermind behind such iconic brands as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He will give an entertaining and visual account of his struggles as an entrepreneur in the 1970s when he and Steve Jackson set up Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe, and wrote the multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks series. From analogue to digital, he will give a brief history of computer games, past, present and future, detailing how ‘digital’ has transformed customer habits and business models, expanding video games from a niche market to a $130 billion global entertainment industry.

Geogrify, CEO

Kate is a 26-year veteran and an outspoken, award-winning advocate of the game industry and the former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). While serving in many advisory/board roles, she is also a geographer and corporate strategist who pioneered and specializes in content culturalization. Following 13 years at Microsoft, she has consulted on many game and non-game projects for BioWare, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ubisoft, and many other companies. In 2018, she was honored with Reboot Develop’s annual Hero Award and presented with IndieCade’s annual Game Changer Award. She was also profiled in the December 2018 publication Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play.

Syberia series (published by Microïds),Game Director

Famous French Artist (known for classic comics such as Inspector Canardo), Sokal is one of the most acclaimed storyteller in the games industry. Well known for his work on famous graphic adventure Syberia, he is one of the first “bande dessinée” artists who has been asked to design, implement and oversee the entire production of a video game, directing in the case of the Syberia series a team of over 200 people. Sokal was recognized as “Person of the Year” at the 2002 videogames Phoenix Awards and Syberia was crowned “Best adventure game of the year” in 2002 in the USA. Acclaimed for its depiction of strong independent woman Kate Walker, the Syberia trilogy came to its conclusion in 2017 thus becoming a fan favorite saga.

Director, Strategic Partnerships, The Strong & President, AIAS Foundation

Don Daglow is a three-time Inc. 500™ CEO, a pioneering game designer and 2008 Technical Emmy® Award recipient whose career spans the history of the games industry. Teams have shipped over $1 billion in products under his leadership. He advises game companies and software startups, coaching both new and experienced CEO’s and teams facing the challenges of game development, team-building, studio management and change. His clients range from small startups to large international publishers, and he also advises The Strong Museum and serves as the volunteer President of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation, the charitable wing of the Academy. He is the only executive in the history of the games industry who has held leadership positions on every generation of video game consoles, from 1980 to the present.

Amazon Web Services Startup Biz Dev Manager, Northern Europe

Andjela Kusmuk is the multientrepreneur and momager of European esports. Leaving her own gaming and game review career behind, she built up the social media presence and partner relations of organizations like Ninjas in Pyjamas and created go to market campaigns for a variety of products including IGN Nordic and peripherals brand Xtrfy and currently part of the advisory board for The Final Tribe and Games Startup Business Development Manager for Amazon Web Services. She joins us in Gamerome to help you understand why your esport marketing isn’t flying the way that it should, and what could be done to improve your presence online. A strong believer in women’s rights in the field of gaming, she’s one of the most vibrant advocates of equality in games.

Game Advisor CEO

Stefan Karl Arne Lampinen is a Swedish consultant in the computer game industry. Stefan is an executive with experience in European and worldwide roles at Electronic Arts, Nokia, Microsoft and Warner Bros. He was also the co-founder of the Swedish Trade Association for games. Stefan leverages his knowledge with advices on market entry plans, publishing and distribution models and is one of the most connected person in Europe on CEO level.  In 2008, Stefan Lampinen was awarded the 2008 MDTS Honorary Award at the Dataspelsgalan with the motivation “for his work to grow the industry through marketing to new target groups, new distribution paths and localization, and his active role as the industry association’s work”.

Head of Business Development and Marketing, Simpool

For over 15 years now, Tsahi has been connecting the Israeli game industry to game developers and professionals around the world, been a key speaker and board member in major game conferences globally. Tsahi has been creating games since childhood, and worked on various game titles for children, with Nickelodeon, Disney, Sesame Street, PBS kids, BBC, Tabtale, HOP! Channel, BabyFirstTV and many more.
Tsahi also led the biggest game development and design program in Israel, up north in Haifa with a game studio developing for mobile and consoles, and was up to lately, one of the core leaders of the Israeli game developers association. After being part of the core team of award winning Games for Peace for conflict management, Tsahi is serving as Head of Business development and Marketing in Simpool, helping game developers with predicting, optimizing game economies and LTV using AI and simulations.

Cover Artist Italian teacher of Digital Illustration in Turin, Italy

Maurizio Manzieri, Chesley Award Winner and Spectrum Alumnus, renowned international Cover Artist and Italian teacher of Digital Illustration in Turin, Italy, is confirmed as Gamerome 2019 Speaker! During an exclusive workshop, he’ll be pleased to share his techniques of work, talking about recent illustrations in the fantastic editorial field and the magic surrounding his multi-awarded career.

King, Super Solid, Milk Cap & EA Art Director

Former Art Director in King, Flavia started her career in publishing has been leading artists in games for over 10 years, successfully shaping and growing teams across a multitude of renowned casual and mobile titles such as Pet Society, The Sims and Farm Heroes and a diverse range of successful casual and mobile titles. Passionate about creating outstanding art and establishing the right product vision, Flavia is a proven leader, specialised in building and growing art teams with a strong focus on promoting a culture of trust, excellence and knowledge sharing. In her times at King, Flavia developed expertise in creative and franchise development, managing the art workflow while empowering talents with training and mentoring other artists. She’s also involved  in outsourcing planning and strategy and is experienced in working with licensed products and external partners.

Techland Chief Technology Officer

Pawel Rohleder is a highly experienced developer, manager and video games enthusiast who is keen on new technologies. Over 15+ years in the game development industry, of which the last 11 years are with Techland (Dying Light, Dead Island, Call of Juarez). Participated in both original DLs, both DIs and all four CoJ games from start to finish. Has experience in almost every part of game development, from concept creation to QA, all the way through to even composing in-game music. Is a regularly invited and highly experienced speaker at 60+ gaming and technology conferences. Currently manages a team of 30+ professionals developing cutting-edge technology for games across multiple platforms. Is crazy about synergy between technology, science, business and art – and even did a PhD to prove such synergy exists. Loves new challenges and taking on “the impossible”.

Tamalaki, Owner

Martine Spaans started her career in online gaming over a decade ago and has worked for well-known companies like Spil Games and Ubisoft before setting up her own Mobile Publishing company. She has worked with more than 1000 developers and has taught herself a good understanding of gamers needs. She’s become an expert in the field of game design for women, and Hidden Object, Match-3,Time Management and Simulation games in particular. She has now her own Android company and runs F2P Publishing label Tamalaki.com and published more than 100 games. Their portfolio consists of games mainly appealing to an audience of women 40+ in Europe and in the US. In cooperation with FGL.com she helps indie developers to push their games to a diversity of app stores.

King, Game & Narrative Designer

Valentina is a Game Designer and Studio Narrative Designer at King Berlin, working on the developer’s Candy Crush franchise. Previously employed at Daedalic Entertainment, she was Assistant Creative Lead and writer on “Ken Follett’s: The Pillars of the Earth”, a story-driven adventure based on the best-selling novel by the same title. She has also served as an additional writer on “The Night of the Rabbit”, a fantasy point-and-click adventure, released May 28th 2013.. She holds a B.Sc in Game Design from MD.H Düsseldorf, having published her thesis as the eBook “Directing Games: Fantasies of Disempowerment”, a collection of purposefully disempowering mechanisms used in video games and analyses the reasons why players might be drawn to this experience.

Nutaku Business Development Manager

For the last 20 years, Jeff has been involved in business development in the video games industry, mainly working with independent development studios in Quebec, fueling their growth at international levels. Since 1997, he participated, as Biz Dev, to the development and launch of multiple hundreds of titles on numerous platforms, such as PC, mobile, console, Connected TV, Facebook and many consoles. Before returning to the games industry with Nutaku, Jeff has lead the AR/VR practice for the Valtech Group for two years. Within Nutaku, Jeff manages a team of Business Development executives in their goal to continuously expand the quality and diversity of games through the 10M investment fund Nutaku has available for developers. He’s been involved in expanding game businesses into a market vertical that is growing at a rapid pace: The Adult Game Market.

Slitherine Marketing Director

Marco started in games marketing in 1998. After experiences in Eidos and Electronic Arts, he soon discovered his hidden love for niches. He joined Slitherine in 2007 and contributed to grow it from a strategy games developer into a successful publishing powerhouse. After twenty years into games, an open mind and a vision that knowledge and information are the key to grow sustainable businesses, Marco is still eager to grow its audience, learn from an ever-changing landscape and share his experience with as many stakeholders as possible.

Raw Fury, Producer

Mea Nilimaa is an Operations Specialist with a decade of experience in the Games Industry specializing in Project Management. Currently a Producer at Raw Fury She’s working on a number of different indie games, but with her background in companies such as Electronic Arts, Paradox Interactive and Avalanche Studios in various roles working on AAA games she’s got insight into a lot of different parts of development.
With an organizational psychology educational background, she burns for employee happiness and she shares her knowledge by volunteering on boards such as the Swedish Association for Victim Support and prevention against crimes.

Those Awesome Guys, Founder

Nicolae is an indie game developer from VampireLand (Romania) and the designer of Move or Die, the friendship ruining party game. He founded his own company “Those Awesome Guys”, where he teams up with developers from all over the world in order to create experimental & highly polished games. His company is now an indie publishing one as well, helping out other developers with their marketing endeavors. “Monster Prom” being their first victim. Nick has previously spoken at GDC, GIC, Sweden Game Conference, Devcom and many more events across the globe.

Intellivision Entertainment President of European Operations

Hans started his career in the gaming industry 33 years ago back in 1986, being one of the first German developers working on Commodore 64 and Amiga titles like “Soldier!”, “Danger Freak”, “Rock ́n Roll” and “Kangarudy”. In total his games sold more than 700,000 times. In 1991 he joined Computec Media as freelance writer and worked his way up to become CEO of Germany ́s biggest gaming media house and transforming a traditional publisher to a leading media digital media company with a reach of 10 million users. In June 2019 Hans returned to his roots – becoming President of European Operations of Intellivision Entertaiment and overseeing all European sales, marketing activities including the production of exclusive Intellivision Amico games from Europe.

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